ADFS on Azure Virtual Machines (part 3)

Now that we have our VPN between Azure and our on-premises environment up and running (see part 1), and have our Virtual Machines deployed in a configuration that is HA ready, we can move forward with deploying ADDS and ADFS. (Links to other articles in the series are in the conclusion.)

Why Deploy Active Directory To Azure?

We are choosing to deploy ADFS in Azure IaaS so that we can avoid dependence on the on-premises infrastructure for ADFS. In order to remove dependence on the on-premises infrastructure, we have to provide for ADDS within our virtual data center. I recommend that you create an AD site for the Azure Datacenter and bind it to the subnet we are using for Azure virtual machines. I won't walk through that process here, but there is a Technet article in the references section that explains it succinctly if you don't know how to do that.

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