Mail Archiving

Mail Archiving


HIPAA, GLB, FERPA, SOX... is your business compliant? E-mail is often regarded as an informal method of communication, but recent laws have made it a necessity for you to be able to retain and evaluate all e-mail messages. You and your business will be liable for that e-mail your employee just deleted. What are you going to tell your clients when your insecure retention method compromises their personal data. Exact Solutions is experienced with safe, secure, compliant archival solutions. We'll take care of that for you.

Accountability and Availability

The client claims your employee made a promise. Your employee says her manager sent her a harassing e-mail. You just accidentally deleted half your inbox. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search through every message you've ever sent or received without having to keep them all in your inbox? Wish you could let your managers have access to all e-mails anyone in their respective departments sent and received? If only you could have proof that you were promised that price. Exact Solutions can make all of those dreams a reality. Automatic, secure, easily accessible e-mail archival is here, and you can have it.