Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Onsite/Offsite Backup

Your data is the most important element related to your technology. Having current, instantly available backups in the event of the inevitable server crash, data corruption, or power outage will prevent you from ever again experiencing that sinking "I just lost 14 man-hours of work" feeling. A comprehensive onsite/offsite backup plan from Exact Solutions can provide up to the minute backups of all of your critical data both in your facility and elsewhere in the event of a disaster. The offsite backup can easily be managed using your existing internet connection, and the onsite backup can often utilize existing hardware and/or storage, so your startup costs are minimal. Exact Solutions will design and implement a custom backup solution that meets the specific needs of your organization.

Onsite/Offsite Server Replication

Having backups of your data is invaluable, but backups take time to restore. In the event of a server failure, valuable time (and, therefore, money) is lost while employees are unable to work. Server replication can eradicate this potential problem by replicating any change made on the production server to a second server. In the event of a server failure, the secondary server would automatically come online and assume the identity of the primary server, thus eliminating downtime altogether. This failover to the secondary server can be initiated manually as well to allow for upgrades and maintenance to the server without reducing availability. Server replication can also be done to an offsite location to offset the risk of physical damage to the facility itself. Remote locations accessing a server in a central office can even maintain the ability to use the server in the event of a failover. Multiple primary servers (i.e. file server, mail server, web server) can replicate to a single secondary server by leveraging state of the art virtualization technology, so you won't have to buy a second physical server for each of your existing servers.

Offsite Resource Availability

What happens when your employees can't get to the office? Can they still get their e-mails? How about their phone calls? Can they access their data on the server? Exact Solutions business continuity solutions consider such eventualities as sick children and traffic jams--allowing your business to continue even when your employees can't make it to the office.

Internet (dis)Connections

Does it ever seem like your internet connection is down more often than it is up? Even a high availability internet connection like a T1 can go down if a construction crew or a falling tree cuts a cable. Exact Solutions can integrate a second internet connection to provide increased performance and redundancy in the case of an outage. Like all of our business continuity solutions, your business just continues as normal. Data corrupted? Server crashed? Employees out of the office? Internet down? Business continues as usual.

What's your continuity roadmap?

Benjamin Franklin often said "time is money," and he couldn't be more right when it comes to the ability of your business to access its mission critical technology. What happens to your business if the server goes down? How do your users cope when their internet connection is down? If your building was destroyed, could your business continue to run? Exact Solutions can make the answers to all of the above questions "business continues as usual."