Custom Telephony Solutions

A custom telephony solution from Exact Solutions will allow you to expand your business telephony usage, simplify the addition and configuration of new stations and new locations, unify your home office and remote locations, add advanced remote functionality for your road warriors--all while saving considerable amounts of money! Sound too good to be true? Read on.


By leveraging state of the art VOIP technology, Exact Solutions can assist you in adding additional phone numbers in your local area, other states, or even around the world. Waiting for an available phone line will become a thing of the past. Contact a coworker where he is, not where his desk is.


Adding new users to an Exact Solutions telephony solution is quick and easy. An advanced, multi-line office phone with intercom capabilities can be on your new employees desk in a snap. No running wires, no searching for the same model phone, no limitations, just simplicity.


Communication between remote branches and multiple buildings on a campus has never been easier. One extension list that never changes, extensions that follow users wherever they go, and free calls between offices no matter where they are in the world are just a few of the unification features Exact Solutions provides.

Road Warriors (without strings)

Imagine a world where an employee can make and take his calls from anywhere, to anywhere, all at the same price. Our custom telephony solutions allow you to make your calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world, all at the low prices you get from your home office. Call Tom's extension--you talk to tom regardless of whether Tom is in Columbia or Cancun, and the call is still free.

Saving Money

4 branches, 128 users, 25 simultaneous phone calls, no problem. Because your custom telephony solution is specifically tailored to your needs, you get exactly the services you need at a price you can afford. A local phone number in Prague that rings to your desk costs just dollars per month. An office in Prague and airline tickets back and forth cost ten thousand per month. You do the math.

There really are no limitations. If you can imagine a telephony feature you'd like to have, an Exact Solutions custom telephony solution can provide that feature and can provide it for a price you can afford